Terms and Conditions:

1. On acceptance of carriage, passengers are deemed to have read and be aware of these Terms and Conditions and agree to abide by them, including the company’s cancellation policy. Customers participating by way of a gift flight booked on their behalf are accepted for flights on the understanding that they are fully aware of these terms and conditions.

2. The pilot-in-command will have final authority over the duration and conduct of the flight. Bliss Aviation Limited (“The Company”) reserves the right to postpone any flight without notice for safety, commercial or any other reason whatsoever.

3 The pilot-in-command or the Company may refuse carriage to any person who it is felt would be especially at risk or a liability to the pilot or safety of the aircraft. Due to aircraft weight restrictions we reserve the right to refuse carriage of any passenger or recipient over, or considered to be over 17 stone. For more details regarding weight restrictions please contact us.

4. Safety is the Company’s main consideration. Customers must take note of the briefing given by the Company’s pilots and abide by all instructions given before, during and after the flight.

5. Smoking is prohibited on board the aircraft and on the aircraft maneuvering area.

6. The Company’s insurance covers passengers and third party liability to a maximum of £1,000,000 through Lloyds of London. Full details of the cover are available on request.

7. At least 7 days notice is required to change the date of a booking.

8. There is a possibility that flights may have to be cancelled at short notice due to weather, mechanical problems, staff illness or other unforeseen circumstances beyond the Company’s control. If the flight should be cancelled the customer should book an alternative date as the gift voucher is valid for 12 months. The Company shall not be liable for any costs such as travel incurred by the customer in such circumstances.

9. Gift vouchers are non-refundable but are transferable.

10. No guarantee can be given that a flight booked for a specific date will be carried out on that date and it is the responsibility of the recipient to contact us before hand to confirm both the weather conditions and the flight booking.

11. The Company must be informed of any disability or previous/chronic illness which should reasonably be disclosed. Recipients and passengers must be able to get in and out of the aircraft unassisted.

12. Voucher recipients must be aged 14 years or over for trial lesson experiences, and the decision to allow a person below this age to fly is at the discretion of the pilot-in-command.

13. All weather forecasts given by the company to indicate the likelihood of flights taking place are entirely provisional. Predictions made by the company are based on current weather information, and may subsequently be updated.

14. Prices on our website are for guidance only, and will be confirmed at time of booking. These prices are subject to change.

15. In order to redeem your flight your valid gift voucher must be presented to a member of our staff upon arrival. In the event of a lost voucher please contact a member of staff as soon as possible to arrange a replacement. If you are unable to produce your voucher on arrival, carriage will be denied.

Issue date: November 4, 2006
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