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Self Fly Hire

Pilots can join our Bliss Aviation club for access to our self-fly hire scheme, established to offer pilots the opportunity to enjoy their flying free from the commitments of owning or sharing a private aeroplane. Our self-fly hire programme lets you fly for no more than the time spent flying the aircraft – no maintenance, aircraft insurance or depreciation to worry about.

As a qualified pilot you can hire any one of the aircraft in our fleet providing you are a member of our club and ‘current’ on the aircraft type you wish to fly.

Hour Building

Commercial Pilots of the Future

If you have decided to become a commercial pilot you must complete at least 155 hours total flying time prior to commencing Commercial Pilots Licence (CPL) training. A significant number of CPL schools and examiners are based at Bournemouth Airport, so there is a clear advantage to having experience of the local flying area, airspace, radio and routes prior to commencing the course.

Block Hour Savings

We understand the difficulties facing hour-building pilots. To help, we offer substantial self-fly hire savings to pilots paying for a block of time. In addition, our instructors are at hand to provide free help and advice to keep your flying sharp and to help you make the right decisions for your flying career.

To get the most out of your hour building and to gain as much experience as possible it's advisable to structure each sortie. We provide a bespoke and personalised training programme to benefit you and your time airborne.

Hour building packages are available, to find out more about buying hours and the advantages please contact our operations department.

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