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PPL – H Private Pilots Licence

The Private Pilot’s Licence enables you to fly as pilot in command for recreational purposes, but does not entitle you to fly for commercial gain. It is however the first stepping-stone along the road to commercial flying but before you can begin to build hours, you will need to hold a PPL.

Gaining a PPL- H is a hugely rewarding experience and is fun, not just for yourself but family and friends who can share the thrill of flying. Holding a licence can be life-changing and certainly makes you popular around the dinner table!

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) requires that each student completes a minimum of 45 hours before gaining their licence. In order to do this, you will need to follow an approved course of training, which consists of 27 flight exercises covering everything from basic handling to navigation and emergencies.

Within this, a minimum of 10 hours must be conducted solo, of which 5 hours must be cross country flying (navigation) to include one qualifying flight where you must land at two predetermined licensed aerodromes.

In addition to the flight training syllabus, there are nine multiple choice ground examinations which must be completed as well as a practical radio examination. The nine ground exams cover Air Law, Operational Procedures, Navigation & Radio Aids, Meteorology, Aircraft General Knowledge, Principles of Flight, Flight Performance & Planning, and Communications. You can study for each exam at home with the recommended material and then sit them in our main office whenever you feel ready, there is no pressure.

Before we can send you solo, you will be required to hold at least a class 2 medical which can be obtained from a local aviation medical examiner.

Once you have completed both the flight training and ground training syllabus, you will be put forward for a final skills test (LST), conducted by a CAA approved examiner. The skills test will cover everything which you have learnt throughout the course and will ensure that you are a safe and competent pilot. Following successful completion, you will be a fully qualified helicopter pilot free to roam the UK and Europe. Once you have gained your licence, we have a number of additional courses which can allow you to build on your new-found skill.

The first step to embarking on a PPL- H is to call in and visit us; here, we can discuss the course, you can take a look at our facilities and you may even wish to book your first trial lesson.

If you wish to call in, then it is advisable to inform our staff in order to ensure that one of our pilots is here to discuss this personally with you. If you would like to receive an Information Pack detailing more about the PPL- H and other courses we have on offer, please contact us on 01202 590800.

If you still have questions regarding the PPL - H and training, you can always check out the relevant section on our FAQ page where a number of our most commonly asked questions are answered.

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